What´s Going on 


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JUNE   E. Carolina Sañudo (speaker),  Rosa Diego and Guillem Gabarró (poster presentations) attended to 17th International Conference on Molecule Based Magnets ICMM 2021 (online)

Daniel Reta Mañeru

MAY   Daniel Reta Mañeru begins to be part of the GMMF team as a Beatriu de Pinós Researcher. Welcome back, Dani!


MARCH  E. Carolina Sañudo (speaker) and Guillem Gabarró attended to the Magnetic Molecule on Surface virtual workshop

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FEBRUARY  Guillem Aromí (keynote speaker)  and Leoni Barrios  (rising star speaker)  attended  to  the 1st Asian Conference on Molecular Magnetism ACMM 2021 (online)  


JANUARY  Guillem Aromí (speaker and microsymposium organizer) and Leoni Barrios (speaker) attended to the XXIX Simposio del Grupo Especializado en Cristalografía y Crecimiento Cristalino GE3C 2021 (online)


Diamantoula Maniaki begins to be part of the GMMF team as PhD student. Welcome, Manto!


SEPTEMBER Guillem Gabarró Riera begins to be part of the GMMF team as PhD student. Welcome, Guillem!


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NOVEMBER  Prof. Guillem Aromí is invited as speaker at the Modern Trends in Molecular Magnetism Conference (MMTM2019) in Bhopal, the Spin in Molecular Systems International Workshop  (SIM 2019) in Bangalore and at the Symposium on Recent Advances in Molecular Magnetisme, in Kharagpur, India.


OCTOBER  Lidia Rosado obtained her PhD Degree in Chemistry. Congratulations!. 

JULY  Prof. Guillem Aromí, Dr. David Aguilà and Dr. Leoni A. Barrios assist to the 4th Bordeaux Olivier Kahn Discussions (BOOK-D 2019) in Bordeaux, France.

APRIL  Prof. E. Carolina Sañudo has been invited by Dr. Mónica Soler to the University of Santiago de Chile to teach the course "Basic Concepts on Cristallography".

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FEBRUARY  Prof. Guillem Aromí assists to the II Congreso Internacional de Química del Caribe as Plenary Speaker in Barranquilla, Colombia.

Ms. Faeze Moghzi join us as visiting student from the University of Tehran, Iran. Welcome!.

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JANUARY  Prof. Guillem Aromí receives the prize ICREA Academia for third time in a row by the Generalitat de Catalunya, for excellence in research at the University.


NOVEMBER  E. Carolina Sañudo joins the Canon Foundation Fellows Regional meeting in Lisbon, Portugal.

Ivana Borilovic obtained her PhD Degree in Chemistry. Congratulations!. 

OCTOBER  Guillem Aromí y E. Carolina Sañudo  participate in the European Conference on molecular Spintronics and COST action wrokshop in Peñíscola, Spain.


SEPTEMBER  Dr. Guillem Aromí celebrates his new position as Full Professor of the University of Barcelona. Congratulations!.

Dr. E. Carolina Sañudo  assists to the ICMM 2018 in Rio de Janeiro, Brasil.


AUGUST  Rosa Diego assists to the EuCheMS 2018 in Liverpool, UK.

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JULY  Dr. Guillem Aromí, Dr. E. Carolina Sañudo and Dr. David Aguilà assist to the ICCC 2018 in Sendai, Japan.

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Mr. Raúl Diaz obtained his PhD Degree in Chemistry. Congratulations!.

MARCH   E. Carolina Sañudo gives a plenary lecture at the International Conference on Advanced Nanostructures ICAN 2018, in Kerala, India

Rosa Diego won the 2nd prize for her nice video made with the aim of diffusing our science to the general public, within an initiative by UB Divulga. Congratulations! See the video here.

Ms. Mengxi Lin joins the GMMF group for her Master Thesis in Nanoscience. Welcome!

FEBRUARY  Dr. Guillem Aromí has been elected
as the new Director of the Institute of  Nanoscience and Nanotechnology (IN2UB). Congratulations!

JANUARY  Ms. Rosa Diego Creixenti assists to the Trobada de Joves Investigadors and receive an award for her presentation entitled "Synthetic methodology of organic and inorganic compounds. Congratulations!

Mariona Dalmases and Albert Figuerola participated with oral presentations in the
III International Symposium on Nanoparticles/Nanomaterials and Applications held in Caparica, Lisbon (Portugal)