Four Years Fellowship, including four months stay abroad 

associated to Spanish Ministry project PGC2018-098630-B-I00

Title: Design and Nanostructuration of Multifunctional Molecules for the Advancement of Spintronics

A PhD Fellowship to work on an original and high-impact project in the context of Nanoscience is offered. The latter is based on the design, preparation and implementation of functional molecules for MOLECULAR SPINTRONICS. This is framed within a reality in which the joint exploitation of the spin and the electrical charge is one of the most encouraging and revolutionary avenues of nanotechnology.
This will be done along the following main research lines:
A] Design and preparation of functional molecules.  Synthesis of new ligands for accessing coordination molecules that act as two or three qubit quantum gates by incorporating quantum bits (qubits) based on the electronic spin. Photo-switching ligands will be prepared as well as a mechanism for triggering functional properties via light-based external stimuli, mainly exploiting the photochromic moiety dithienylethene. Also, 3d-4f heterometallic single molecule magnets shall be prepared for their deposition on magnetic nanoparticles.
B] Nanostructuration of functional molecules. Deposition of single molecule magnets on the surface of magnetic nanoparticles and study of the synergy between both functional fragments. The molecular prototypes of qubits and qugates, previously available or novel, will be studied as thin films on surfaces. These will be deposited with the technique of dip-pen nanolitography and the magnetic properties will be studied at ultra-low temperatures.
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